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  • Natasha

    August 28, 2021 at 9:34 am

    Hello! I had a dream last week that a German Shepard was digging at the base of a tree. An evergreen. I was a small mushroom just sitting in observance of the dog digging. He was digging at the roots of the tree. When I embodied the mushroom he stopped digging and sniffed the mushroom and went back to digging. It had no real meaning to me until this morning.

    When I realized that the dog is totem for my father/ right side and that’s the side he was digging on the tree and the side he was on for me. It dawned on me this morning that all signs pointed to dad and the root of my problem with my thinking (I’ve been taking a few classes of Elizabeth Wood and she’s got great emotional processing techniques) and worthless/ arrogance dynamic and I feel like I got a pretty good hold on all that… but why the mushroom? I love the little guys. Not to eat (except morels) but just to look at. I feel like it was a small button mushroom. Little and just observing. (Okay with the last sentence I think I cracked open the next layer). Thank you for the space to think/type this out. I’ve been very mush brain ( ha! Mush-room) lately.