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  • Pieter-Geert

    August 29, 2021 at 6:07 am

    Hi everyone. It’s nice that there is a special place to share dream images with each other. Increasingly I experience the deep meanings that dreams can have. And that feels enriching.

    My last experience was last night (Saturday evening). Pretty soon near I had gone to bed, and hadn’t really fallen asleep yet, I got the following images. I was seated at a table with other people (no idea who, about six people) to go for dinner. It felt like a cozy get-together. When the dish was served, a large, boiled snake was served. In particular, his head was clearly visible. In addition to a sense of surprise, there was also something in me of a subtle, inner smile. On this Sunday morning (in Holland) I am still musing about the meaning of these inner images.