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  • Nabila

    August 29, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    I saw that Pele report too and it reminded me of Zach Bush’s perspective on this fungi/mushroom/network/neurology/ ‘gut’ (instinct) thing.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of eating mushrooms maybe because of what @igor shared and perhaps because it was a program that I absorbed as a child that they were ‘yeast’ and therefore ‘bad’ for your gut.

    I’m drawn more and more into the new science with regard to the gut and its impact on our physical, mental and indeed spiritual health. Mushrooms in this dream sharing popped up into my head as a call to connect more deeply with your ‘gut/intuition/inner knowing’. It’s what lies beneath the tree (of life) that contains all the information (pathways) that you need?

    German Shepherds have been in my life for the first time over the last few years when we looked after my younger sons dog and it was a whole new experience of dogs/loyalty and alertness. They are hyper vigilant and very ‘on guard’ in comparison to our previous dogs (golden retrievers, spaniels etc) Very tuned into their ‘gut’ and very sensitive to energy and also very loving and soft at the same time.

    The experience of having one in the house I think made me more discerning and responsive to my own gut instincts or at least showed me how key this internal intelligence system is. I’ve always been super intuitive but acting on that intuition had a time lag or a lack of confidence attached that when I review, our Benji had no delay in acting upon!

    I think he was in my life to show me that my instinctual nature was powerful and we were in his life to allow him to on occasion step down from this hyper vigilant place (fear) and just be fully his own (soft) self.

    Sorry for the personal ramble but I guess with regards to this dream I’d say stay true/loyal to self and the intel you are uncovering because it is part of a greater network of NE (earthiness) innate intelligence which will lead you to the pathway of being more fully self/cell-f centred and in commune(its) with your Source self/trajectory.

    Just my interpretation. xx