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  • Pieter-Geert

    August 30, 2021 at 5:15 am

    Although I again have doubts and hesitations, I still post the following inner experiences; experiences gained during a dream state or moments of near awakening. The following experiences took place on August 25th and I have wrote them down in my own notebook. I noticed and still notice that these dreams and other inner experiences still have to descend. I have to cross a threshold again to go public. I welcome the ‘dream interpretation’ block and feel inspired by requests to share my dream experiences with you. The latest messages in this block are about dogs. I am also talking about dogs,,,,with chicken skin….

    There we go. I am used to getting up early in the morning. Usually around 6 am. Also on the 25th of this month. In order to accommodate previous experiences – about the bride and groom as previously posted – I felt the need in the early morning hours to read some passages in the last chapters in the Book of Revelation (the New Testament). What I remember was also a passage about ‘the tree of life’.

    I divide my experiences into three parts for the sake of readability, because they took place throughout the whole day.

    The Tree and My Burrowing/Digging Dog (Saluki).

    Because I get up early, as I said, I – 70 years old (young) – felt the need to rest around 09:00. That quickly turned into a half-hour nap. I then I got the image of a large tree with a large root system. But the funny thing was that a tunnel had to be dug deep under that root system. I got the image that one of my two dogs – a Saluki – was eagerly making that way under the roots. In between: A Saluki (also called Persian Greyhound is considered by many scientists to be one of the oldest dog breeds – 6000 years old; it is a greyhound that has its roots in the Middle East and is still bred as such in Israel). Especially when a Saluki is still young – up to 2 – 3 years – he is extremely focused on digging deep into the ground for roots of shrubs and trees). They are at those moments of digging in the ground unstoppable. The experience of making a tunnel digging deeper into the ground felt to me like a necessity, a message, to pay more attention to deep grounding…. Around 11 am I suddenly felt a deep fatigue in my body. And I got the feeling that something-other-than-other was going on cosmically. As if there was a ‘rainstorm’ with hails of light; hail that descended with deep force. I noted in my diary: This is something that feels like a unique moment: a tremendous force in the air. Was there something collectively going on? Solar wind or something like that? Anyway, I felt the need – almost pressure – to focus on a deep and powerful alignment with the core of Mother Earth.

    The beam of light and the core of Mother Earth

    One thing was very clear to me to take it very easy all day long. I had to. The feelings of exhaustion were enormous. Yet there was something in me to bring about alignment with the core of Mother Earth as far as I could. That eventually worked and I felt through a kind of light thread – the ‘bindu’ to speak in Yoga terms – with the core of the crystal in the center of the Earth. Later I saw the light wire spirally surrounded by two ‘copper wires’….with different colors….vague….blue…yellow/orange? A bit similar to the wires in an electricity cable.

    The figure of Christ in the sky.

    In the course of the afternoon, while waking up from my afternoon nap, I got an big image, the big shape, of Christ. I hardly dare to write it down and felt tears this morning when I thought of this image again. The figure was totally transparent. The size of the figure still reminds me that the ‘Spirit of Christ’ connected heaven and earth. It felt as a universal image and power. It was as if my body was absorbing some of that force…I hardly dare to write it down.

    And then I said to myself: Press the button.