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  • Lauren

    August 30, 2021 at 8:35 am

    Wow, thanks for sharing Pieter!

    The beam of light and the core of the earth, the successful wiring between Heaven and Earth, the huge image of Christ – really powerful visions!

    This feeling of having to cross a threshold makes a lot of sense to me in this regard. What is happening within the earth body is also happening within our bodies (which are of the earth) and whenever there’s a deeper reconnection between Heaven and Earth/ Divine and Human there is a simultaneous shedding of that which blocked our re-union with a higher/deeper level of Self. Glad you dared to share, I find this usually helps a lot and is a way to expose our fear-based hesitations to the light in order to dissolve them, which IS the act of shedding that which blocked our reunion.

    Oh and btw this: “a message to pay more attention to deep grounding” – I felt this, too, in the last few days. A call to consciously receive, absorb, take note, and to allow the incoming light intelligence to sink in.

    P.S. Feels as if there’s a connection between the shedding of the block (crossing a threshold) and the snake without skin in your other dream/vision. And re this: “it may sound crazy but there was/is? something in me ‘to eat the boiled flesh like a tasteful boiled fish”
    – feels like both 1) a coming to light of the part of you that would judge eating the boiled flesh as wrong, as well as 2) a testament that you have enough trust in your own divine feminine LOVE (deep feeling of safety) to neutralize. The letting go of judgement is the same as shedding a layer of separation.

    P.P.S. Your dogs are so cute! Thank you for bringing awareness to this beautiful breed, I didn’t know them before. I love the picture! ????????????