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  • Nabila

    September 9, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Yes I found much of this information very innate and intuitive. Whilst I’m not fantastic at relaying this information with clarity like Zach is, it all FELT resonant and logical. It just makes sense! I

    Especially the idea that there need not be a linear structured shift but a literal ( quantum?) leap into new life/new earth.

    I’ve always had this vague sense that change happens almost spontaneously when we’re in the right frequency or mind( heart) set.

    I’m thinking that this info about fungi that relates it to being some sort of natural super highway of connection/community to bring life to everything is a very powerful metaphor on so many levels not with standing it’s point to how we just being us transmit something that could create our own and collective Eden.

    In a personal note since I came across Zach Bush’s work I have been using his product ION Biome and have noted significant improvement in my overall wellness. It just made sense to ‘implant’ myself with our ” earth’ ( its a terrahydrite which is essentially soil) to override:replace other false non ‘ earth’ implants and since then I have had less and less energy drainage.

    It just feels on point to mirror in this way our ( em) merge ( ence) with the NE timeline. It speaks to the idea that our most potent intel lies in our ‘ gut’ feelings/intel which to my mind/heart has been interfered with in many ways.

    I recently had my gut/micro biome tested and there are no leaks and my gut is really healthy for ‘ someone of my age’ apparently.

    I have lots more that I sense on this level and am working not just physically but in other ways to harness this fascinating info on communication and building my sense of our NE . ????????