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  • Lauren

    September 10, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Oh right, I remember you shared that with us when you first received and ‘implanted’ that ION biome product. Was that in June?

    My first thought was that the restoration and balancing of the microbiome system in our bodies allows us to receive clear communication from Gaia as part of the body’s natural ability to be the channel for her sacred earth teachings/embodied wisdom. Similar to the purification of the pineal gland that allows us to receive and channel information from the higher/non-physical realms.

    Anyway, I listened to another video where he says the following about the “ancient soil-derived carbon” in his product, really cool stuff: “When you go back 60 million years ago you get to tap into a communication network (in the soil) – it’s never gotten back to that level of biodiversity and intelligence we had back then. And so when you take ION you are the very first human to be exposed to 60 million years old intelligence. We’ve only been here for the last 200 000 years. So I’m getting goosebumps every time I see someone reach for one of those bottles for the very first time. You are literally going to have a non-human experience. No homo sapiens has had the experience you are about to have. You’re about to tap into a deep deep wisdom of how cells are able to communicate.” – The way he expresses this reminds me of everything that’s been said about our (light-)bodies True Potential coming online based on how it was originally intended to be.