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  • Lauren

    September 26, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    I have my own thoughts & feelings with regard to that question, however, I feel that is something that must be Sourced from within because the concept of free will is such a vast and varied topic, especially on a “slave planet” where all our birthrights have been usurped. That said, I found some excerpts from past reports that may help:

    October 2020 report:

    True free will has been returned to Earth and her inhabitants which means the will to evolve can now be fulfilled. No longer are we trapped beneath the glass ceiling of the artificial ascension matrix, the false illusion, the karmic wheel that kept us circling in repetitive loops providing non-options to escape the prison of our own making. No longer are we tied to the reincarnation cycle that we all valiantly opted to incarnate within in order to Serve…to help free each other and humanity from slavery, from the unintentional destiny of their non-choosing.

    From here, I am told humanity now has a legitimate choice…the option to ascend their consciousness should they see fit, should fulfillment of true free-will be part of their incarnation plan.

    This is no longer a slave planet of entrapment, but a planet of free will to choose beyond it, to choose out of suffering once that choice becomes available, and to fulfill that choice with the Truth, guidance, knowledge, and experience of those way-showers who have already arrived here.

    Also see the August report, section: Return of Free Will