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  • Nabila

    September 26, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Just off of the top of my head/instinctively, I’m sensing that perhaps if we replace free will ( which linguistically I’ve always thought houses some energy of an oxymoron-‘ ‘free’ and ‘ will’ feel somewhat diametrically opposed), with sovereignty then perhaps we find a more workable version of freedom.

    To me, sovereignty implies our willingness and courage to choose and be responsible for those choices that we make even if there are consequences.

    I personally have never associated freedom with a state of being that is consequence free. I sense being unhooked from karma ( another word I always had dissonance with which I understand why now due to its very heavy enslavement frequency ) is where we’re at now perhaps?

    So maybe ( for me at least) free will is simply the willingness to choose ( sovereignty) what freedom means to us as individuals, with the clause that we will still be in relationship with the consequences of those autonomous choices?