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  • Leigh

    September 27, 2021 at 1:31 am

    It’s interesting what you say here Nabila, as sovereignty and free-will feels like two sides of the same coin to me personally.

    For me free-will describes each individuals fundamental right to self determination. And yes each individual is responsible for their own choices whether or not they believe and accept this.

    Free-will is the starting point of any souls individual experience of self as source in a totally independent way where the right of self determination is given/chosen. Like as described by many, where “this is a free will universe” where all make their own choices, learns from those choices and becomes self accountable as a result. Where one ultimately becomes aligned with source and the will of GOD, so free-will is like the right to discover ones own path home, to be aligned with the will of GOD, for themselves from a true place of ‘sovereignty’, making ones own choices independently from The Creator and learning from them.

    And sovereignty to me is more like ones right to be exist freely and unhindered. Where sovereignty denotes the right to ones own existence free of interreference. As one can also be sovereign while also serving the with the will of The Creator completely, in fact probably more so. So in essence everyone has the right of sovereignty while not all operate from a place of free-will or self determination, and those that do are accountable to themselves.