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  • Amaraya

    September 27, 2021 at 6:22 am

    Aww Dawn, your post broke my heart when I read it as the same happened to me 3 times so I know the pain. I can’t answer your questions directly but I can share my story. When I lost my girl Aphrael I was in a spiritual group and going through some pretty intense past life stuff that was just too painful for me to heal. Spirit worked with me for over 4 years to clear it, but when the pain surfaced I would kick and scream, but never let the pain in. Then one day my girl disappeared. For 5 days I looked for her everywhere, putting signs up, combing the neighbourhood. I remember I lost 7kg in 5 days because I couldn’t stomach anything. On day 5 I reached out for help. I went to a friends house from my spiritual group and another friend came over. They gave me a healing and as usual I kicked and screamed through it. What I was experiencing was the resistance to feeling the pain. But then as it dawned on me that 5 days had passed and I would never see her again, I finally allowed myself to fully surrender into that pain, and I sobbed and sobbed on that table. My hear pt finally cracked open and I felt for the very first time. Then 3 things happened simultaneously.

    1. I heard my guide White Feather say to me that I had finally made peace with him (past life stuff bw us).

    2. Madonnas song Ray of Light came on with the repeating words “ And I feel….like I just got home…..and I feeeeeeeel”.

    3. My phone rang and it was my sister to say that my baby had been found in a neighbour’s roof and was being rescued as we spoke by a rescue service.

    So I guess in my situation it was something I created to have a breakthrough moment, and her love for me was so big that she gave me this experience so I could find my heart again. So I could feel again. And just when I did she came back to me. She was 4 at the time, she stayed with me until she was 19. She was hungry but ok. Cats are very resilient.

    But I remember those days when I lost her when I was wondering the same as you. Did I create this, was it her time, did I do something wrong? All I can say is that our babies love us so much they would do anything for us, take on anything for us. I truly hope he is returned to you like my girl was to me. Don’t give up. Cats get themselves in all sorts of trouble. I lost her a second time, and that time it was under a neighbour’s house. She went in and they locked the door not knowing she was in there. I know your situation is different, but there is always hope, and your bond an connection to each other ❤️.