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  • Ariel88

    September 27, 2021 at 4:22 pm

    This is an interesting thread, and reading what you wrote Nabila, got me thinking… or rather a flow coming forth. I know freedom (free will) as in having a choice was always important to me growing, perhaps the most important thing. And I looked at so many experiences of my own and others through that lens. Experiencing enough of it at human level to get excited about! And yet, when I started to go through my awakening I discovered a new freedom in surrender to my own higher self, source. The sweetest freedom. Off course it was uncomfortable to parts and burned, yet the spaciousness that emerged. The choice became one, to surrender to my own essence. To lose small me, in big me.

    How much free will can there be I often thought when we all have different layers of conditioning… yet, within that personal responsibility is definitely wrapped up. And working with clients in recovery from addictions of all types these last few years, has refined my perception of this some more. I see where in my powerlessness I chose something that made me powerful, and that emphasised the separation within myself, hurt myself. Good for me to see. And know in choosing to allow me, here, as I am, true free, creation. And free will, well, at this end of my flow of expression, kind of feels irrelevant, for in being the one that is free, the unfoldment becomes an entirely different experience.

    This was fun!! ????????