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  • Laurene

    January 19, 2022 at 12:30 pm

    Oooh, ascension story, feels like a great way to honour this passage. I’ll share mine. I like to think of it as an ascension story, and not so much, my life of trauma and breakdown, haha, which it may look like from the outside.

    I can pinpoint my beginning in….OMG….August of 1999!!! That’s when I got pregnant with my daughter. There was a lot of sudden changes in me because of being pregnant, I became more withdrawn, self aware, focused on my body and my health. It was a heart opening.

    At the same time, I was beginning to experiencing a lot of trauma in my (new) marriage – I didn’t realize that the man I married was a sociopath, and I was in a cycle of financial and emotional abuse, instability, trauma, and chaos. There’s a lot to that “story”, I left the marriage in 2005, but the realization that it was a spiritual awakening came in 2007 – when I had an out of body experience.

    I had read a book that talked about Plan B and moving into a new life and it triggered a really strong awakening in me. I fell asleep in my son’s bed and he kicked me in his sleep – I woke up and realized I was sitting at a table with some kind of galactic council – and they were telling me my new life mission. I came back into my body and couldn’t move for a couple of minutes. After that – with much resistance / emotional breakdown / confusion – i started writing songs and having channeling/healing experiences.

    A few times over the years I left jobs to recover from the breakdowns, or just worked through with them, either way it’s been hard for me and comes with a lot of shame and grief! Some days (today!) the passage feels as raw and complicated as it did back then, but I think progress is being made! Thanks for inviting us to share, Lauren. xox