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  • Lauren

    January 22, 2022 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Becky, this is such a vast/multidimensional topic…and one that I just noticed has been broached in another forum as well. (See Free Will / Mind Control / Divine Blueprints) I posted this on that thread…

    Those of us here to lead earth & humanity to its destiny were living out our predetermined, pre-agreed-upon (karmic) contracts in service to our first life (3D) mission. Once these contracts expire, our “free will” becomes our GOD will…our (lower/separated) human desires merge/align with the Will of GOD (Divine Blueprint + the Divine Plan).

    …but will add here that free will is something that is honored at the higher levels of existence. It is one of the basic tenets of this universe and therefore signed into Cosmic Law, however…at the lower (separated) realms of experience…free will is regularly violated. To the point that we’ve even had our “will to evolve” usurped, which is something I also discussed in the previous thread.

    That said, even as there are those of this world (both on & off-world) who wish to take the will of another as their own, Universal Law also dictates that there are repercussions for such actions…so even in the act of usurping free will, one is not truly free (from causality) and so free will cannot truly be honored at that lower level.

    Having said that, there is True free will via the unified, Creator State. Our (monadic) Creator Self essentially determines our “free will” here in the lower realms but when we unify with that Self thru ascension, the veil between our lower & higher selves dissolves and we gain conscious command over our reality. In other words, our will becomes the will of GOD…an authentic, organic expression of Life Force.

    In this reunion with the Force of Life, we are free to choose, free to write our own Book of Life according to our own desire to serve the expression of Life thru us. So in this sense, yes free will is our birthright returned (becomes conscious) but only when we are no longer capable of inflicting harm on ourselves, each other, and/or the world…when everything we do is for the good of the whole, when we are aligned with the upward spiral of True Creation.

    That said, keep in mind that what we are “creating” (i.e., living out) in this plane has already been dictated (by us) on a higher plane. And so while it seems as tho we are creating our life at the human level, earth is simply “where it lands”….the physicalization of (timelines) that we’ve already created at the metaphysical level….aka, the manifestation level of our creation. And yet, we are those creating both levels/realities…only one is a carbon copy (literally) of the pre-created plan. Make sense?

    This whole concept is the higher element of co-creation by which we are co-creating our lives in conjunction with our Cosmic Self. “The Future Self” section, November report:

    It is the reunification with our future Self that facilitates the (zero point) pathway to deliver (future) potentials to our present level self.

    This means that we are opening gateways in our body…compliments of the unified chakra system…that (fractally) connect us with the cosmic gateways that deliver the Divine Plan for Earth by way of our personal Divine Blueprint.

    The alignment with our Ascended-Future Level Self ensures that the information from our pre-created plan…prior to our current incarnation cycle…is available and ascertainable from a human level.

    Such great retrograde fodder (!)…hope this helps in some way. ????

    p.s. If it’s helpful, there is also a section the August report, called: Return of Free Will