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  • Amaraya

    February 3, 2022 at 6:25 am

    For me things started in 1994. I found a little New Age stall at a market that sold all the channeled books of the 80’s and 90’s and found myself going there every few weeks to buy new books which I was devouring with a hunger like no other. I had just started University at the time and one day I turned up to a market day on campus and one stall was advertising a New Age Festival 😆😆😆. I was delighted and forced my friends into attending with me. It was a disappointing day on the whole as I was duped by all the “fake” new age wannabes, but 2 things came out if it. A man at a stall randomly gave me a book on past life therapy after being told by spirit to do so and then gave me a big hug, and I met a man called John who would change my life forever. John had been running a spiritual gathering with channeled beings from his home for the last 20 years. Long story short I attended and witnessed my very first channeling which was quite bizarre. The Being coming through did not have a name, and simply stated he came from the plains of the love and light, so that is what we called him. After my bad experience at the New Age Festival I was quite reluctant to just believe. So in my head I spoke directly to Love and Light. I said “ Love and Light I truely believe in this stuff, I know it’s real, but right now I really need to know that you are real, that this isn’t fake”. At which point he stopped speaking mid sentence and said “the girl in the black sitting by the window, what is it you wish to ask me child.” To which I answered then stunned (as I was sitting in a room of about 40 people) “nothing Love and Light, you just answered my question.” To which he responded with a smile saying “clarity”.

    And that was how my journey started. I attended for a few months and began to open up quickly. I started having visions one of which was seeing the year “1999” in big bold numbers one night during meditation. I had no idea what this meant and shared it with John in the group who actually took me seriously. I knew it was significant but didn’t know why. Not long after this spirit spoke to John telling him his earth mission was complete and John consciously made the choice to move on. The group disbanded after his passing, but just prior to this Love and Light had spoken to a small group of us and told us we would form the nucleus of something new in the near future. About 4 months later the group reformed (to my surprise asI thought it was over) and strangely (even though invites had gone out to hundreds of people) only that small group turned up. Then my awakening/clearing journey (past life therapy) began in earnest. They were extraordinarily painful years as spirit worked with me to help me move past some pretty big stuff. I gave up the best years of my life, I was only 21, my friends were going to clubs and here I was clearing my shit lol. My only solace was that my partner was doing it with me which made it easier. I also became a healer and my entire life was built around my spirituality. I was extraordinarily disinterested in a human life, and made no attempts at creating a career, buying a house etc.

    Then one night in 1999 I was sitting in our group that met once a week, and was watching the channel of our group get a Chrystal healing from one of our healers. Suddenly she went into trance but instead of the usual channeled beings that worked with our group coming through, some Pleiadeans came through ( I’ve come to know them as my Pleiadean Family) , and to my shock and terror they were looking for me. They told me straight out that it was vital that I go into the year 2000 with my polarities balanced, the message was so strong that it scared me and I started to cry. The following year I had a nervous break down and ended up leaving the group. It took me 3 years to recover. Then bit by bit I was closed down. By 2012 I was completely switched off. That’s the best way to describe it. I was quite suddenly cut off from my guides/spirit, my psychic awareness and gifts were shut down and I became a full blown human for the first time in this life. I even attempted a human life…..several times actually 🙄🙄🙄. This lasted until 2020 where I was abruptly re-awoken and literally went from 0-1000 overnight, which has been an excruciatingly painful and awful experience full of growth, terror and lots and lots of ptsd. My kundalini episode was in May 2021 (I will never forget that pain) . I don’t understand even the half of it, of what happened, why it was so….but this is my story so far 😊🌹.