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  • Lauren

    April 22, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    When I am called to stand in as a transition guide (ie, death doula) it is sometimes from an unknown place where I will simply feel a compelling urge (spirit call) to show up and hold physical space for someone transitioning (usually a friend or family member, but not always) ….other times it is known and I am asked in advance by the person’s soul team if I am willing/able to help facilitate the process. In ALL cases, they come to me post-transition with extreme gratitude so I know they are being helped tremendously. I imagine that many who are drawn to work in hospice are natural death doulas.

    Tho unknowingly at the time, I was a midwife to my own mother’s passing which for her was instantaneous & ecstatic. Quite beautiful in the sense that she brought me into this world and I was able to assist her out of it but she was pivotol in helping me to understand why this role is so supportive to transitioning souls. Becuase of her elevated state of consciousness at the moment of her death, I am sure she would have journeyed effortlessly either way but she did say that to leave quickly and blissfully…to cross without cords & attachments…is a true gift, one that I/we afforded her.

    Another thing that was made very clear to me after her transition was the fact that she was quickly escorted beyond what she called “the netherworld” which she said was the realm of “unresolved souls”. At the moment of death, she was immediately greeted by 4 guardians who she said she didn’t know per se, but surrounded her on all 4 sides. They stood deliberately at the N, S, E & W of her to ensure her “safe passage” over the shadow world where she gleefully proclaimed that she “didn’t have to go”…I assume because she is already an ascended soul. She made a point to tell me that they moved very quickly and that she was firmly instructed to follow suit.

    I think this (netherworld) aspect may be part of why our light is helpful for those crossing over…to help ensure safe passage by holding a higher frequency at the moment of their crossing as a bit of a catalyst to the higher realms. With regard to fallen gates…I know that the gateways to leave this reality are under the strict protection of gatekeepers now who also help usher souls thru, often on a mass level.

    I have also been called off the bench as a last resort type of thing, for example, if people are having trouble letting go of this world (due to attachments to life or loved ones…unresolved issues, etc.) and need reinforcements. This happened twice while I was in the cardiac ICU with Leon those 2 weeks in 2017. I was called to two rooms on two different days to simply stand outside the door, I had no idea why. One (young man) flatlined later that day while I was still on the floor and the other older man transitioned overnight after I had left.

    This also happened with Leon’s mother in which I was called (rather abruptly) to travel at the last minute to help facilitate her release from this world. When I arrived I was guided to first step into her energetic field only for a moment, and then to remain within 20 feet of her….she transitioned about an hour later after struggling to let go for days. (Very willful/Aries constitution) When she got to the other side she came to me the next morning to thank me up & down exclaiming that it was my light that finally enabled her to let go and that she was having a difficult time prior. She was extraordinarily grateful.

    I don’t know technically how it all works (other than via frequency) I just know that when we hold neutral space, consciously or not, it expedites the process, lights the pathway home, and makes the journey easier…and in some cases more joyful. And yes, I am sure that many of us are/will be called to serve in this way, knowingly or not. Not sure if that helps at all. 🖤🤍🖤