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  • Amaraya

    April 23, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    I’ve been waiting for my head to clear to respond to this properly but it’s just not happening right now (too many upgrades / downloads etc). I’ll have a response soon 😊. Just wanted to quickly say….Thank you, and yes it does help, and I appreciate this SO much 😘. When you are opening up to new experiences in a very short, compacted period of time (some of which you understand and others you don’t) it gets really overwhelming. It’s so reassuring to hear others accounts and experiences and view points.

    And also….Thank you so much for sharing your own deeply personal experiences along with the insights that came from each of them. Love how your mum “gleefully proclaimed that she “didn’t have to go”, and her own joy in being able to transcend this human experience with such ease and grace. And I think it’s truly a blessing that you could be there for her in this way and that she too could give you the gift of understanding why all that we do is so important. Thank you for sharing….as it’s lovely to witness love in action like this.❤️

    Will respond soon….right now my body feels like a rocket that’s about to launch. Xxx