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  • Nicole Camilleri

    April 24, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    This is so very interesting! I have been called quite a few times to help others cross over but they had been “gone” for a long time. They were in a sort of purgatory is how I saw it because they didn’t feel worthy of going to the light because of things they’d done. I live in an area where there were bootleggers traveling by, and also slaves that escaped the south. And then there was an alcoholic man who shot his wife in the face and he was out at my dock and finally ready to go. Living on the water seems to have brought a lot of souls to me. When I had my healing center I got the understanding that I had to help some souls crossover which I did several times. On one occasion, while allowing some souls to come through, all of a sudden I saw a massive amounts and tunnels underneath going for miles full of people who wanted to finally go to the light. I was with a friend who was helping and we created this huge bubble for all of them to go. In that area, it seems like there were a lot of people who miss treated slaves and there might of been some mafia things in the area. I finally created a vortex of light out of my healing room so that they could go up by themselves if they so had chosen!

    After I had to close the healing center, a psychologist moved in there and he kept my big sign that had the name of my healing center, “healing the heart “. Just the other day, I saw him for the first time and told him that if he did not want my sign that I would gladly take it back. He responded, “oh no, I just love that! I feel that it is very fitting for the work that I do!“

    He’s been there ever since I left and he was so nice. I will be willing to believe that vortex is still in his room and it’s helping him.

    I haven’t done that in awhile. I helped my father in 2019. But I was so sad that I don’t know what actually happened. And he never came to tell me. I guess I don’t have to know. I just do what I’m called to do. But I’m writing this because Lauren said this:

    “With regard to fallen gates…I know that the gateways to leave this reality are under the strict protection of gatekeepers now who also help usher souls thru, often on a mass level.”

    Without a doubt, I was a gatekeeper at that time. I also created a vortex at a wonderful healing center in Michigan because there were massive amounts of souls there. I can still feel it when I go back there for retreats.