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  • Amaraya

    April 25, 2022 at 5:08 am

    Finally some mental clarity!

    First thank you for clarifying between the work we do individually and the gate work as I think I was confusing the two together! I think the fears coming up for me moving forward and opening further is around choice….having the choice of how I want to be of service. So I guess I’m trying to gage if it’s all going to be part and parcel of our roles moving forward. I’ve just been a little “darked” out and I’m a bit apprehensive about being called out to constantly work with darker energies / agendas… like black ops stuff etc (even though it secretly turns me on 🤫😆) when I might not want to. It’s all been a bit too much for me and I need processing time.

    The experience I had a few days ago was a little different for me. I read @nicole-camilleri response which I relate to a lot as I have been called to work like that often over the years. Not just with souls that have not moved on but also in locations where there has been trauma (terrorist attacks) and my body has been used as a conduit to release the energy without conscious permission on my part. This time was different though. I was just sitting on my couch with my eyes closed when I suddenly felt the persons energy really strongly. It was so strong that I was really confused as I don’t really know this person. He was a young man with an intellectual disability that I worked with for about 4 weeks last year. I remember thinking “what is going on?”. Then a feminine energy presented to me and she explained to me he needed to be released. My consciousness then shifted and it was such a different space for me. I was both fully connected to him and detached simultaneously….and I only needed to be present for it to complete. I was guided through the whole process and I was ok with helping him in this way. But his mother’s energy also came through along with her heartbreak and I let this in a bit. I’m not sure if I was clearing something for her also as I had such a soft spot for her. She had an intellectual disability too and she loved her son so much….in a way that’s hard to articulate….unfettered maybe? There was a purity in her love because of her condition that transcended this experience in some way. It was beautiful but I’m worried it’s too soft and gentle for this world and I’m not sure if she’ll make it. So that part has stayed with me.

    In short this is the first time I was consciously aware of doing something like this. And also the first time in 18 months where I felt I was properly guided through something without interference and other crazy! So it’s been a positive experience on a whole.

    The assumption I had around gates was that as they have been in the hands of the darker agendas for so long, that this work was required to guide souls through the “netherworld” as you called it and to provide safe passage to those that could leave this reality. Similar to your mother’s experience where she was escorted through because she was already ascended and not trapped in the looping cycle here. Which is what I’m assuming Ammagi did with John….just guiding him through and out.

    It’s also made me think of things moving forward. In Dec / Jan I was being taken out to New York / Hatshepsut’s temple / Auckland / Caribbean location. There seemed to be some sort of grid war going on that I didn’t understand and was being pulled into. I saw Trinity Gates activate at Hatshepsut’s Temple, and then in New York. I was so confused. I associate New York with a 13th gate portal. I only realised a few weeks ago that all these locations are Trinity Gates (that Staten Island is a Trinity gate….now all the black ops stuff in that location make so much sense 😆), and what was being done there by literally thousands of grid / gate workers that were present in each location. We were taking the Trinity Gates back 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.

    So yeah now that these particular gates are back and accessible to humanity, I’m wondering whether more and more of us will be called into service to start escorting out those souls that choose not to be part of the NE timeline, so they can continue to evolve and grow somewhere else (my understanding is that the Trinity Gates are the only gates that lower evolved souls can move through safely….hence why they were taken…to create this prison world). And whether we will have a choice to serve in this way or not as we are technically all gate keepers.

    But I feel better since you responded as I can see that for the most part there is some choice and I can choose to not participate. I’m too use to not having a choice (or feeling like I don’t have one). I want this cycle to be different and to have some autonomy on how I serve. Your experiences have given me some insight into how this all works. I’m very grateful for that! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️