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  • Lauren

    April 25, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    I can see that for the most part there is some choice and I can choose to not participate.

    That empowerment is key. IMO, we can’t do this work without it, without Knowing who we Are. By universal law, our free will must be honored and we are always asked for consent (by the higher realms). I have never been outright approached for service work by any spirit/master or guide that has not first asked for my permission to serve. I’ve never really said no, but I always have that option…we all do. Even in situations that just spontaneously present themselves…and many do…if I am not comfortable, I shut it down. It’s always and in all ways about wisdom & discernment.

    As you are well aware, only the dark/lower entities ignore the spiritual laws that govern this universe and try to usurp our will. If permission is not asked & granted, and you are not in full command of your experience, always opt-out and check your boundaries. (I say this to anyone reading this.) Once you have your full power, it is mostly impossible for the lower forces to get in, but we have to first be fully sealed in our authority as GOD.

    Of which, good to keep this in mind now that we are in Scorpio eclipse season…the underworld is opening and the serpent is already active in the field. A good time to reinforce boundaries…the tests are already presenting. 🐍⚔️

    p.s. @nicole-camilleri I agree with Maria, I think a blog is a wonderful idea! Especially coming from an enlightened perspective, SO needed at this time. I am sometimes asked to help souls to cross who have transitioned long ago, these are mostly tied to my homes which are always historic/vintage…sometimes it’s from relatives of people I randomly meet.

    My current house was built in 1840 so there are lots of energies tied to this home…some unresolved. Very recently I helped to escort the “spirit bride” we captured on the nightcam to the light. She got married in this home in the early 1900s and her husband was apparently killed on their wedding night so she has been circling in the astral with unresolved emotions, playing out her wedding night over and over on a loop. I felt bad and it was also partly selfish on my part because she is a boisterous, restless spirit who has woken me up with her activity…wedding sounds, and sometimes surprise full apparition visits at 3am. I haven’t heard or seen her since so I am hoping she is in the light now and at peace. 🤞

    As Loveworkers our primary mission is to guide humanity Home (to the light)…to “cross over” to the New Earth timeline. I guess it goes without saying that what we do in this dimension we do in all dimensions of reality. 👻💗