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  • Nabila

    April 25, 2022 at 7:59 pm

    @lauren I just re-read this and the first paragraph articulates beautifully exactly what I am coming to in regards of activating mission #2 which is essentially a revised somewhat modified and simplified version of the intention I had for my website Umbilika.

    This aspect of ‘bringing us home’ has revealed itself with acute clarity of late where I have seen and felt how my life has always been geared to this concept of ‘home’, as a home maker, a mother, and via my natural ‘hospitable’ generous nature where I have always been pointed in the direction of wanting to make others feel ‘at home’ in themselves.

    I’ve also always been obsessed with creating ‘extra’ literal homes (investments/places of safety) not just for my own personal portfolio but so that I can provide landing spaces that offer beauty and that feeling of ‘home’ to the wider public. It is my hope and wish that I can finally financially do this too. “homelessness’ is such a debilitating state of being whether it is about a physical roof over ones head or a state of inner being that is separated from Source, so it makes sense that I am finally connecting up the dots for mySelf and this obsession/drive I have always had with home and homes.

    It makes sense of course for me to need to bring myself ‘home’ before/in conjunction with expressing that/offering that in the external.

    I see with such acuity now that EVERYTHING I am about, have wanted, want, am geared to has something to do with HOME.