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  • Nabila

    November 11, 2022 at 5:32 am

    Hi @nicole-camilleri

    Thank you for this share. Hugs to you. Boy we get put thru the wringer don’t we? This year has felt very intense in terms of being given 20/20 clarity around relationships and wounds.

    I fortunately don’t have strong links to addiction in my lineage but I do have a parent who is never satisfied and always wants more, and strangely (duh! hello eclipse sandwich and 11/11 portal ????) enough, this past couple of days I have been part of a mother daughter dynamic (my goddaughter and her mother – my friend from age 11 that I have supported for all these years) that is displaying the reverse of this Mother sucking energy.

    In this case her daughter, whom my friend has come over to visit for this week, is behaving in a similar way to the way you describe your mother. My goddaughter is insatiable in her demands of her mother and really abusive at the same time, blaming her mother, blasting her parenting skills, trawling up her wound and activating very out of order behaviour that is truly rude and unkind. Its like she wants to punish her mother and control her. every move.

    There is a certain amount of validity to some of her complaints but not to this extent. Its really gone overboard. My has a one yr old now and it seems she wants her mother to be at her complete beck and call and comply to all her wishes. (she’s not been ‘allowed’ out to see me this whole week!)

    Anyways details aside, I’m sensing that there is something in the ether that is guiding us to do another big clearing of this false matrix version of the “mother’- of the Feminine and those of us that are very Feminine forward are having to step up to the plate and throw that ball back at the pitcher in no uncertain terms. I also sense that this doesn’t really need direct action or verbal communication, but can be done by us refusing to buy into these victim frequencies- ours and theirs.

    This idea of the Feminine/Mother/daughter/wife/woman being ‘victims’ (and then becoming the proverbial abusers thus perpetuating this cycle) is being called up for review and as usual , we as first wavers, must show the way of how to be the compassionate boundary maker.

    We can see that those who abuse us have transgenerational trauma but it ends with us.

    Compassion is not empathy. The latter often perpetuates these cycles. I know you know all of this but I’m so glad you posted your experience because it has given me more clarity on how to hand this situation I seem to be in the middle of here especially as my goddaughter has in the past said to me she feels I am more her mother than her own mother but also recently has treated me with a very low level of respect and appreciation for what Nereus and I have done for her and her family. Zero gratitude we’ve noticed since they came from Canada to Perth to ‘be with us’. It seems like no amount of our help or presence is worthy of a mere thank you. So whilst I don’t feel the need to correct her or even have a conversation, this last episode, of seeing her being very negative towards her mother has had me put up my barriers- no more energy to the victim frequency.

    As usual this has been a long read. Sorry! Your post just struck me and I found some similar energetics in my own current experience.