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  • Nicole Camilleri

    November 11, 2022 at 8:04 pm

    Oh @nabilarc , you ALWAYS have just the right words for me!!! You are truly amazing. Hugs to you also! Yes, we have been through the wringer, for sure. I wasn’t sure if anyone would relate and want to chime in, so I am truly grateful. This is for sure mother-sucking energy right now. The amazing thing is that my son moved back to our area so despite all the anxiety with my mother, I have received amazing grace with his return. I’ve missed him so over the past two years. I agree with your idea that we are being guided to do another clearing of the false matrix, mother (feminine) version. Thank you for those words. It totally feels like that! And this: “Step up to the plate and throw the ball back to the pitcher in no uncertain terms”!!! WOW !!! Yes!!! I had to do that because last night my mom sent my sister and me another guilt trip text message that I only saw this morning. So kindly, I sent her a loving message back telling her that I DO care and that I am ready for counseling when she is. She never responded to either of us today. I did not buy into her victim frequency! What is truly wonderful is that I no longer feel like a victim or perpetrator. AT ALL. Yes to being the compassionate boundary maker!! And this: ‘We can see that those who abuse us have transgenerational trauma but it ends with us” SPOT ON!!! OMG your words here have helped me tremendously!! You’ve seriously given me the greatest counseling session and I cannot thank you enough!!!

    It sounds like your Goddaughter has issues to resolve with her own mother and you have served as the wise elder! Without your counsel, she may never know what it is like to feel close to another woman and while that may not show itself now, it most likely will in the future. How lucky she is to have you! I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without certain women who helped me in my life or served as examples even if I didn’t realize it when I was around them, but their wisdom shines today, as does yours. And you could never write too much to me!! You could be an amazing healing facilitator as you definitely have the gift of analysis and are so open to sharing! I cannot thank you enough!!! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and taking the time to share! You’re an angel and I wish I could fly over and hug you! I’d love to just hang out on a beach and talk to you!!! xoxo