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  • Marcy

    November 12, 2022 at 6:34 am

    Kathleen, I was just reading these entries. My adoptive family/my family, that raised me, has some issues on Dad’s side. Father has issues, but was mostly emotionally checked out, biggest issue. Now, though, oddly (what I want to share) is that I have met bio family and they drink, daily. I don’t know sometimes what to do around that. I, fortunately, do not have the same issue though. Pattern is like this, all their spouses seem to be serious alcoholics while bio aunts/uncles/bio dad seem to drink from dependency and habit, might be slightly due to quasi-ADDish brains (grain brains??). I’m just not sure what to do around them always, it’s weird. Since I’ve entered picture there has been more cousins addressing the issue. It’s a turn off, at times, personally makes me sick to have alcohol daily in those quantities and sad. ???? Though really I don’t know what to behaviorally do with them, will research…