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  • Nicole Camilleri

    November 12, 2022 at 9:15 am

    @marcy Hi Marcy! I completely understand your experience. I have 99% of the people around me who enjoy drinking. On my father’s side I always heard about what partiers the family was and I listened to all of the hilarious stories. My brother and his wife love drinking also and my sister used to drink a lot as well. I lived in France and trust me everybody there drinks! And actually, it’s pretty enjoyable there! The champagne and wine taste so much better for some reason! I’ve had my share of good spirits but since my huge awakening over ten years ago I simply cannot put much alcohol, if any, into my body nor do I want to. All of the people I know who go through the awakening process can no longer drink. I relate it to the light entering the body.

    I witness alcohol as a dark hole that’s very difficult to get out of. It has come in handy for me at times in my life, such as after the death of my father. My brother, sister and I drank a little bit together and we spent three hours crying and it was very healing. Alcohol can give you such a high and then bring you down so low. It gives you a sense of euphoria. I can have two sips of French red wine and feel so tingly and lovely inside. I find that most people are yearning for that feeling and in order to keep that going they drink more and more and more and then it just becomes this horrific pattern and habit. I am truly suffering from my mom’s addiction because she gets belligerent and is also on severe medicine to keep cancer out of her cells as well as an antidepressant and it’s just a deadly mix. Since she has no boundaries with her own life, she has no boundaries in dictating to us what she wants us to do for her. Alcohol clouds vision. I read a book by Dr. Amen who scanned images of the brain in alcoholics and it shows clearly that brain matter goes missing.

    It’s difficult to deal with someone who cannot see what we can see.

    My amazing husband who is an attorney and fire chief even drinks sometimes with the guys and if he gets drunk he pays for it dreadfully for two days. I’ve seen the light enter him two years ago and he simply cannot drink like he used to or he pays dearly.

    So this is what I do when I’m around people drinking (other than my mother where I have to set boundaries)… I remain true to myself. I try not to be around it much and I’ve become quite the hermit and I love it. Everyone knows I don’t drink so they hardly offer it. And while I’m around, I shine light to them. I’ll admit, I become so bored with conversations and I tune out A LOT. I find myself even meditating at times, eyes wide open. If I’m at someone’s home and they have animals, I am drawn to them. I usually pick up cats and I kiss them and charm them. I spread love to them and the children (and plants!) if they are around too. I know it makes a difference. And if I don’t want to go “hang out” when my husband goes, I don’t go! Everyone has become used to me not always showing up. Since I’m so loving when I do come around, they are usually really happy to see me when I show up! I always get told that my energy is so good. So I “plant seeds” and that’s become my focus. If you aren’t comfortable being around them all the time, don’t go as much. I do feel that our presence is all that’s necessary sometimes. The light we emanate sets a tone for clearing in their lives. What we do is hard work that doesn’t seem to be noticed but it’s because it goes deep and things take time to unravel.