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  • Nabila

    November 12, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    ooooh! @xanthe Love this image of you. ???? I’ve had this growing attraction to drumming. I feel like my body would love to experience playing those huge Japanese drums – o-daiko-. I think for me it would be very grounding and literally get me fully back into my body. I sense many of my so called body issues are to do with having to protect myself (extra weight) by being somewhat invisible (seemingly having no vocation/place marker) in the world.

    That deep bass sound and the overt physical expression you’d have to employ to play a big drum like this, or any drum frankly coz its an instrument that exudes extroversion, feels like its coming into my sphere of reference for a reason.

    Time to move to the beat of our own drum …..