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  • Nicole Camilleri

    November 13, 2022 at 7:24 am

    In regards to marijuana, mushrooms (and alcohol) etc., from what I’ve seen in my healing work, it creates cracks in the aura and allows for entities to come in and feed which creates A LOT of havoc. My 85 year old therapist/professor claims that smoking marijuana does not allow your brain to solve complex problems. We are surrounded by it here now. Since it’s become legal, there are dispensaries everywhere. My brother and brother in law are both addicted. They need hits probably every few hours, maybe more. I’ve read it kills brain cells. The few times in my distant past where I tried it, it was disastrous. So it’s difficult for me to believe it has any true health benefits. I see it as a barrier from reaching your highest self. My daughter believes Santa Daime, a form of ayahuasca, has been her saving grace from her abusive childhood with her father. She claims to have had experiences with Jesus and Mother Mary and more. I know a Navy Seals who changed his life of depression after his missions with toad venom. There has been a lot of pain in this world and maybe that helps. CBD may have some benefits. I just don’t need any of that. It seems that if it causes havoc in another part of your body (which smoking anything can do), then I cannot believe it is good for you. As the first wavers and way showers, perhaps we are leading towards a more purified life. Maybe it’s just a projection of all we’ve been through! TBH I don’t know many who are as “clean” as I am. I do know that I no longer have discussions with people who are addicted because they become defensive. As long as they are respectful to me, I am fine being around them. My mom is a more intense emotion but she has agreed to go to therapy with me after two months of me not giving in to her or seeing her! I’m praying we can work through this and I certainly feel lighter!

    From my own experience of clearing out density, there were many foods I had to eliminate and sugar, corn, wheat are the big ones. At times, however, they also helped me clear out gunk within the body.