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  • Nabila

    November 13, 2022 at 8:18 am

    from what I’ve seen in my healing work, it creates cracks in the aura and allows for entities to come in and feed which creates A LOT of havoc

    I completely agree @nicole-camilleri When I trained as a Australian Bush Flower Practitioner this was the info around substances including the so called spiritual ones. It reportedly creates holes in our auric field which invites entities in and weakens our own pathway to Source/spiritual connection.

    I personally have never used anything of this nature bar tiny amounts of alcohol which was very sporadic and now impossible for me to indulge in. Mooy body seems to have always rejected anything inorganic. I attempted a belly button piercing about 20 years ago and my body just kept expelling it. It simply would heal over and then suddenly push itself outwards! I eventually gave up and often wonder if I did some damage to my Hara. Even henna tattoos just disappear overnight! I remember getting a couple done on my belly when I was pregnant, just hearts and images of LOVE to send love to my babies and I would wake up two days later and they’d literally disappeared. Even make up does this with me.

    I sense that I carried so much density (perhaps on behalf of the collective?) that anything else in that vein would probably kill me! Either that or my frequency and role for this journey just wouldn’t cope with these lower consciousness ways of connecting to my Source.

    Yeah and foods… so sensitive.. I am however feeling drawn once again to doing some serious cleanses and upping my intake of live food. Its been a while and frankly for years now I simply don’t want to eat. Never been a big eater. and always opted for clean foods. But the bandwidth seems to be returning to support this new way of eating that is growing.