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  • Marcy

    November 13, 2022 at 12:46 pm

    Nicole what a beautiful share, thank you! I tried responding yesterday internet started malfunctioning. I found myself listening to their great old “stories” as well! Tho I love and care about these new family members, I see this selfish thing going on (I also see their bodies and especially brains have paid). I shared a story of mine when I was asked and my new uncle acted openly bored and disinterested. They are like… kids, still. Demanding fun and for their needs to be met first. Plus too much partying. Funny, have had too little partying. I could have used a good night out multiple times over last 20 plus years!!! I dreamt of having friends to have a beer with. And, honestly, I needed to get drunk a couple times. It would have facilitated a release, I knew, but I was alone, little drive, exhausted, didn’t let myself have a few beers.

    Best advice is what you are doing…to just DO MY THING lovingly and neutrally. I used to run away from folks who took and demanded. n I would rather enjoy smiling now and saying NO, to their faces ???? and tell them I love them! And I do.

    Have to bite my tongue. I speak my observations a lot.