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  • Lauren

    November 16, 2022 at 2:17 pm

    (Hi Pieter, FYI I moved your query to the Open Forum because it seemed too complex for an update.)

    My mind is deep in report mode but I will add some fuel to your cerebral fire on my break. ???? A lot of these concepts tend to mean a similar thing, or at least are Sourced from the same thing, and distinguishing between them can be confusing and vague because they are interpreted thru the lens of various cultures and religious contexts. The Holy Spirit is technically a fractal concept which means there is a cosmic, universal, galactic, planetary & personal element making it even more complex.

    To simplify, I think of it as just two aspects: Cosmic Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit..a derivative of the same Source.

    The way I have been guided to understand it is that the Holy Spirit is a part of the vitalizing spiritual force of the Cosmic Ether (Cosmic Holy Spirit) connected to the GODhead…the eternal flames that circulate the living GOD consciousness (which is why it is often referred to as the Holy Fire).

    This eternal (Mother) flame of the Cosmic Holy Spirit merges/ignites the 3-fold (trinity) flame in the higher human heart to initiate the monadic embodiment process. On a lower (human) level, this embodiment is the result of the trinity…the merger of the Divine Father & Sacred Mother (principles) which births the (inner) Holy Spirit ⇾ the blended Holy Son & Daughter (androgynous unified Christ/Risen Sun) which is referred to (in Judaism) as the Shekinah…what I typically call “the indwelling”.

    Note that while shekinah is a feminine word (in Hebrew) it is primarily an androgynous concept…i.e. “the internal presence of GOD” which is birthed from the Mother.

    Those are my Wednesday musings…hope it doesn’t confuse things more. Overall it’s wonderful that you are pondering The Mother so deeply at this time when we are collectively “becoming The Mother” ⇾ aka monadic embodiment. ????