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  • Pieter-Geert

    November 30, 2022 at 4:10 am

    Maternal tenderness

    Hi @lauren Hi All. I would like to share with you some recent experiences. And I also do this somewhat from a context that ‘says’: What’s going on in your life? Well a lot so. The following account gives somewhat of a reflection on the changes I am experiencing. I hope it is of some use to the reader.

    The night behind already feels like a historic night to me. All night, in my dream state but also in a waking state, it was about only one thing: birth, birth, birth.

    I experienced a thick, full belly; as if something had to go out; something had to be born. And I got memory images of my former wife’s labor pains – which eventually led to the birth of daughter Eva! -. A multitude of physical ‘birth feelings’ and images regarding a coming birth passed by. Even as I commit these words to the screen I experience: a full belly.

    What is going on here, I wondered? What does this experience stand for? Asking myself these questions the word The Mother popped into my head. Where had I read that again? Soon I thought @lauren of the above response to my question on my part about The Holy Spirit/Shekinah and I repeated some of the words in the next block:

    Note that while shekinah is a feminine word (in Hebrew) it is primarily an androgynous concept…i.e. “the internal presence of GOD” which is birthed from the Mother… this time when we are collectively “becoming The Mother” ⇾ aka monadic embodiment.

    These words are really coming to life now. And rereading them I feel a deep gratitude towards you @lauren for sharing with us the ‘doctrine’ of the Divine Mother/Womb. I – as a man – had to get very used to this ‘doctrine’. I am very happy that in terms of experience and insight I may experience something of its deep meaning. Words come to life…

    And the latter is also confirmed by the experience that when I tune in to my belly, my Hara etc, tenderness and gentleness can be experienced in a subtle way. I hereby welcome The Mother in me!

    To express something about my experiences in terms of pictures, a picture I took yesterday of my two dogs (Salukis, respectively 4 and 6 years old). What is so striking in their behaviour over the past few weeks is that they are so drawn to each other, that they become really close. It is as if the mutual tenderness radiates from them…. In gratitude.