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  • Pieter-Geert

    December 1, 2022 at 8:47 am

    Red Thread…

    Hi @lauren Hi All. Thank you Lauren for your affirming words. I must confess to you that I am quite surprised myself what is happening in my inner life like this. Besides that amazement, there is also deep gratitude that I get to experience all this and share it with you and the family. But it also gives a lot of clarity. It occurs to me that these experiences give me insight into red threads in my life. I would almost like to say: this is how it was always meant to be. From the beginning of my spiritual journey – over 25 years ago – I have been deeply fascinated, on the one hand, by the fusion of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and, on the other hand, by what I have always called for myself the Sophia aspect. All these years I have searched for answers and felt a deep yearning for fulfilment. In reflecting on my spiritual journey, I find that I have been guided by Spirit through this ‘birth experience’ but also through previous experiences to experience the Sophia aspect to the bone. Which also makes it so clear to me what this may mean for my future life. I know what my task/role is in the Office of Christ and it is crystal clear to me that from that role I may bring the Christ teachings as intended (!) for the New Age. Part of those teachings will also be a ‘doctrine’ called Spiritual Trinitarian Marian Doctrine where Mary stands for the Divine Mother. It feels so deeply fulfilling to me that this red thread may retroactively begin to unfold. In gratitude.