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  • Nabila

    December 1, 2022 at 12:39 pm

    I have been following this thread for a while Pieter- Geert. It’s wonderful how you are having these profound experiences in relation to the re-birth of the Feminine and the integration of that into your Self , into the ‘Masculine’ as such.

    Your picture of your dogs struck me for this week dogs have literally resurrected themselves into my life after 5 years ( I lost my Golden Retriever very suddenly and I KNOW she actually saved my life through her passing. At the time of death I heard so clearly that she was carrying much of my ‘sorrow’- meaning difficult energies that were pervasive at the time).

    This week we were asked if we would dog sit a dog that we have sat before for 5 weeks whilst the owners go to visit family in Columbia. Of course I readily said yes, We have to speak “Spanglish’ to him as he tends only to understand Spanish commands. 🙂 He is the gentlest of boys.

    Then a few days ago on a whim I applied to rescue a 10 yr old Golden Retriever (my own dog died at age 10 and I always felt I missed out on the journey you take with an older dog). There were so many applications for this dog as she seems to be the dream dog with no issues and has also been a therapy dog for people with dementia. Although it makes no real sense for us to adopt an elderly dog, I just couldn’t help myself. However I thought it would be a long shot but this evening the owners contacted me and said they felt they would love to meet us in view of us being her new forever parents.

    I learned that the dogs name is Lola, meaning… guess what… Sorrow (!) and is derived from the Dolores which was the name derived by the Spanish title given to the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, which translates to “Our Lady of Sorrows.” I have felt many a time that this mission I was on, was one similar to the Mary/Magdelene frequency of ‘carrying the worlds sorrows’. I often had dissonance with the story of Jesus sacrificing himself for our sins and instead had this inner question/knowing that it was the “Mother’ frequency that had been sacrificed/made a sacrificial lamb. I also always felt that it was the Mother frequency that was the most needed in the world and it was by and large dismissed by our patriarchal landscape. I guess this is why my whole life has been in some way dedicated to embodying the right side up, uncorrupted version of The Mother which is neither sacrificial nor devouring.

    Just on a very intuitive level I sense that the potential of this dog with this name coming into my life very unexpectedly but at this critical portal of emancipation we are going thru has some more than synchronistic meaning.

    Also, in my husbands culture/religion (Zoroastrianism purported to be the first monotheistic religion in the world) dogs are revered because they are said to help the human transition from life to death; they are said to wait at the beginning of the Rainbow Bridge and accompany humans into the afterlife, into New Life.

    I sense that as I transition from this version of Life to one that is essentially of a higher vibration these dogs are here to help.

    The video that accompanied the post asking for a new home for Lola really hit me as this same deeply maternal energetic that you mention about your dogs. In this video I also saw the Mother with the Holy Child. The dog (as many often are) seems completely surrendered to this child.

    I await with anticipation as to whether I get chosen to be this dogs new companion. The fact that it may eventuate that I have both a male and female dog for this current time seems to symbolise at least to me that we are finally embodying the balanced MF frequency. The boy dogs name is Tobby meaning God is good, so the two put together, Lola and Tobby says something to me.