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  • Pieter-Geert

    December 11, 2022 at 1:45 am

    Hi @lauren Thanks for your response. I note for myself that the themes on this thread are somewhat shifting, or in other words a broadening in terms of themes is showing. The thread started with questions around The Holy Spirit and is evolving more towards the Divine Trinity. Including ample attention to the Maternal Love of God. And I feel very comfortable with that! I would like to continue embroidering on these two spiritual themes in the coming period. In that context, I wondered whether this thread could be modified in terms of its headline. Or is a repositioning within the NEI Forums a point for consideration.

    What I envisage is a headline with the following text: The Divine Trinity and The Maternal Love of God. A forum/thread(?) that aims to provide depth via the experiential route on themes relating to ‘The Divine Trinitry’ on the one hand and the ‘Maternal Love of God’ on the other as well as the inextricable connection between the two. May I give you this consideration? Thanks in advance.