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  • Pieter-Geert

    December 16, 2022 at 12:21 pm

    The White Horse and The Brown Horse

    Foreword on ‘the dwelling space’. In recent posts I have talked about the House and Garden presented to me during a dream. Since this imaginary, inner place/space/… recurs regularly in my experiences, I have been pondering what it stands for. As I was asking myself that question, the following passage in the 12.12 report caught my eye:

    …(i.e. our new Home)the unencumbered space in which we dwell in unity…

    I may experience the House and Garden as my inner dwelling space (of my spirit). And that feels like coming home.

    Having said that, below I give an account of my experiences that have the House and the Garden as the context of my experiences and specifically on the spot of the pool, the pond, which represents Source in my experience.

    Tuning into the pool/pond (Source) during the day in a relaxed mood, two horses appeared before me this morning, a White and a Brown with black manes. The White Horse felt masculine, powerful to me. The Brown Horse, in attunement, was experienced as soft and tender. Deeply feminine, maternal. Her tenderness comes in even more on imaginary touch and mutual nurturing and gives a deep sense of being loved. The White Horse in attunement shows an – moving its head – active approach towards me. It is as if he wants to touch my chest with his forehead, which feels like opening up, opening up my heart. Is this the deeper essence of the Unicorn image I wonder. But there is also a voice that says never mind….with wanting to put a name to an experience again.

    What strikes me deeply is the imaginary alignment/connection between the White Horse, the Brown Horse and my person. It feels like experiencing a Field of Love and Harmony. And it is simultaneously deafeningly Silent.

    What have I been allowed to experience, I ask myself in reflection. The only association I have with the white horse phenomenon is as it is described in several places in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament. It represents the Christ in this book. Taking that as a starting point, the bridge to the 12.12 report is quickly made where the Cosmic Christ is mentioned in several places. It feels to me that through the image of the White Horse, I have been able to experience this power – being the Son – in the Divine Trinity.

    The experienced tenderness of the Brown Horse feels to me like the Maternal Love of God. Again, bridging to the 12.12 report, I can also use the word Christess. The interplay of the Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic Christess did and does make me experience the primal power of Universal Love. On a mental level, the fusion of the three forces as symbolised in the Star of David also begins to glow.