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  • kimberly millen brown

    December 16, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    @pieter-geert … how captivating, articulate, contemplative, enchanting, inviting, soothing and illustrious your descriptions, perspectives, interpretations and visions, Pieter. I’m enthralled and in awe and it is a pleasure for my senses, my curious mind and my heart’s love of words, discussion and thought volley. I am so very much enjoying this thread and your last two shares. Though I often cannot put into words what it is that I feel and ruminate, I find what you share and express to resonate. Thank you for articulating your journey and points of contemplation. Simply beautiful as well as heart-mind stimulating. The photographs of the horses are magnificent, your inner heaven Cottage and pond are indeed cozy, inviting and reflective of serenity. ????????????