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  • NEI Tech Team

    December 30, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    ive tried many times and I’ve been unable to open the last update.

    Hello, Cora sorry you are having trouble. So we can help you troubleshoot, what exactly happens when you try to open the update? Are you able to access any part of the December Energy Update forum? If so, the Capricorn New Moon update is number 29 of the 36 replies. You can use the scroll feature on the right hand side. (see attached screenshot)

    If I’m posting something and hit return to create a space it sends it prematurely

    See our Private Messaging Update

    when I try to respond to someone I cannot find the feed of our conversation after looking everywhere!

    Yes, this is a known issue we are still working to resolve.

    See our Read More Link Update