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  • Marcy

    January 22, 2024 at 11:36 pm

    Kathryn, I’m sorry for your suffering. As has been the case through 2022, starting 2021, for myself and others, a weird clamp down on the mind.… it’s darkened from receiving/perceiving spiritual consolation

    There’s a strained ability to perceive or experience connection with Love/God…terrifying at times, like a thick dark scarf around the spiritual eye and head.

    I’m not aware of reasons. Tests do build strength, don’t know if that’s the reason. I have funny feeling it’s next level challenge with negative forces, very clandestine, going for mind, subtle stringent tactics…to diminish ease, create anguish.

    Many of us take off with enormous power of influence in world now due to light on earth and embodied, maybe best they can do is meddle with our ability to feel support on a higher level. We are loved and supported, immensely, beyond belief, but they are preventing us from receiving awareness of it ??? Maybe? It hurts…causes fear of being crazy or the feeling of being so.

    I’m not sure if that has anything to do with what you are going through …more specifically, I’ve been hurting past three days feeling even more removed cut off, feels darker in my headspace… plus images, imagery messing with me. Beings show up, not nice, if I don’t clear space and take good care to protect myself.

    It feels DARK in the mind right now.. I’ve been quite aware of it for days. I received much beauty, consolation in so many ways for years…not now though. It’s daunting, jarring, hard.

    I have to choose to stay in my heart, in faith. I will not give up or stop loving. It’s imperative to be on home plate in the heart in these moments these periods.

    Lauren’s post regarding this coming week points to that, take a look at voodoo post! I pray you feel better