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  • Lauren

    January 23, 2024 at 10:53 am

    Love this line @marcyIt’s imperative to be on home plate in the heart”

    Kathryn, the energies are moving so fast & strong this year that any unresolved emotional issues will wreak havoc on the body·mind. These higher levels of Light that are so powerful they literally “electrocute” our cells, obliterating miasms, so I am happy to see you say the following:

    I feel my madness has been alot of suppressed trauma rising from within , to be cleared

    The release of trauma trapped in the cells (ptsd) is one of the most excruciating experiences of embodiment, especially when you consider that the bulk of this trauma is generations old…ancient even. (I just wrote about my own intense trauma release the week of the Capricorn moon if it helps) Gripping fear without a logical cause is a common, but often scary part of timeline collapse. As we zero out these timelines of suffering in our DNA we then have to release the energy that originally caused it which feels like we are living out the trauma in real-time.

    The best way I found to do this is to first remember who you ARE, then surrender to the process…while staying conscious of what is transpiring...and to intentionally move all that once-stuck energy thru the chakra system and into Earth. (If you enrolled in the Diamond Lightbody Matrix course, the chakra-clearing exercise is brilliant for this…in fact, trauma release is how & why it originated)

    If you resist the process it can lead to prolonged states of panic…or an “electrocuted body-mind”…often with intense mental snippets & flashes of themes & scenes from the timeline collapse which can be unsettling at best, or make you feel manic at worst…like you are losing (control of) your mind. These states result from trapped energy in the field that needs a ground…uncomfortable as it is, it is also a great sign of defragmentation.

    My feeling is that this will all come to a head for you via the Leo full moon which is pushing you to reclaim your Creator power…potentially over your past…but in the meantime, keep in mind that any darkness, entities or uncomfortable energies you encounter are all just aspects of you that need to be accepted & loved back together again. It’s important to stay riveted to the Light, but equally as important to acknowledge & integrate the dark. Luckily Loveworkers are adept at finding their way thru the unilluminated realms. 🌹

    Hope something I’ve said here eases the strain. 🤍