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  • Nabila

    January 24, 2024 at 2:51 am

    Great title for a timely topic Kathryn. I’ve been feeling like a sine wave- one minute at the top of my game’/self, the next feeling hollow and out of it. For me it seems to co-incide with the regular geomagnetic forces that seem to be ripping thru my location right now.

    I’ve kept myself as steady as I can with constant reminders that this is a passing thing and that I AM over the hill in terms of past experiences/trauma. Cart before the horse visualisation/ decreeing etc.

    I am attempting to handle this by 1). Identifying clearly trauma/ptsd and then making clear concise decisions to cut ties with even the notion of such experience- ie building a new improved identity for myself in the sense of even letting go to my best ability the identity I assumed for Mission#1-aka shadow worker, love worker, powerlessness, inability to operate in the ‘real’ world etc, simply because I keep getting the intel that this too is an identity that can be shed in order to rebirth myself. As yet I have no idea what this is, nor am I attempting to look for it which I find really hard, especially now that my Masculine energetic is more active.

    And 2). I am finding it useful to move my body primarily in a Somatic way to facilitate detaching from ancient trauma patterns. Just rolling on the floor, stretching, rolling like a seal in the sea, jumping up and down, dancing, stamping etc seems to give me relief from these undulating waves of panic and stuckness that comes in waves.

    On the upside I do generally feel more empowered and physically capable than I have in a while but it is still short lived and requires me to honour my body and mind and take regular rest and hook out when needed.

    Glad to know its not just me on this current roller coaster ride. 💝