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  • Kathryn

    January 26, 2024 at 4:55 am

    And a great reply dear Nadia

    Thankyou for all your wisdom herein , very appreciated…..and wen it comes from a knowing , or at least a more expanded inkling, of who we are truly are , well , it adds context , and also motivation , dedication and inspiration …….for these big waves !!!!

    I love the sine wave image , the up and down and in and out and everywhere and nowhere , but here all at once type of expereience !!!!

    and feeling the dissolution of old ideas and ideologies and identites , really being in that and also in dwelling in the perfection of the divine unfurling …..flowing more and more….

    And as Lauren said , we love light workers are adept at this.

    Im feeling soooooooo much better and stable and light today , so incredibly grateful , and for the passage of poo 🥴🥴😅

    Yes yes , moving the body , im just off to pilates soon.. have been playing my drum , rattleling and saging , standing bare foot on the earth , all so good.

    Thankyou dear Nadia for responding and adding light to my now , and sending much love and gratitude to you

    Love love love