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  • Rita I

    February 5, 2024 at 12:27 pm

    Thank YOU Lauren for sharing the aspects that are coming forth of late ! These past nights have been ‘swamped’ with interference again and truly disturbing images, even the ‘hellish capture’ of my ‘inner masculine’ self/being dragged away ( they are trying to KILL him & SEPARATE US) … I could hear my Higher Self speak directly & strongly to him, clearly stating : “Just walk away, FOR YOU HAVE KNOWN LOVE !!!”

    I wake up exhausted, weary and so repulsed again by the level of antics that have taken so much from our souls in these lower realms … heartbreaking.😭

    Just glad that this isn’t another personal vendetta to deal with, but another ‘massive collective’ purge and it helps to heal and relieve the angst knowing this … thanks for the update. 🙏