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  • Dianna

    February 9, 2024 at 9:36 pm

    Hi May. Yep. There are quite a few of us who are still struggling. I’m one of them, too, but from what I gather, and I believe this is the case from my own experience is, ascension is a very personal achievement, governed by those unseens who are “molding” you into the best you you can become. In my story, I was homeless for over 3 years, and I’m living in a ditsy jive motel that eats all the money I get, primarily because of 3d control who has casted me out of society and branded me as someone no one should associate with. Plus, I struggle, and are tormented and tortured every moment of every day with unknown lower and upper dimensional energies entering my body. As I type this to you, I’m trying to release one right now. But the point I’m making is that everything happens for a reason, and we are living the way we are to prime us for our next lives. Those who are blessed, in my opinion, know what that is for them. I don’t. I feel like I’m In my own private he’ll. It may not BE that way, although for me, that’s what it FEELS like. I’m a 1st waver, and I’m progressing energetically and spiritually, and I can tell you that whatever you are experiencing is exactly what they want you to experience, regardless how it feels. If we’re financially struggling, then that’s our designated lesson, until we learned from that specific experience. . See, no one can really give great tips and answers (except Lauren and no doubt others. because their quite gifted to be able to communicate with their teams.) While the rest of us, struggle to make sense of one of our biggest concerns…”why” and “when”? Why is this happening to me, and when will my struggles and suffering stop? Like I said, it’s a personal thing, and you’ll progress when you’re ready to progress, with your own answers, insights, and intuitions, too. All we can do is bite the bullets that come, learn whatever we need to learn, experience whatever we need to experience, and continue on progressing. Even during those times when you say you’ve had enough. Me? I typically say that about every 2 days. However, May, jstyk, eventually, we get glimpses of what’s ahead, and I’ve learned that with those energetic boosts we get, that Lauren tells us about, the picture becomes just a little more clearer. So hang in there, May. There is Light at the end of your tunnel. (Hope my version of what I feel is truth has helped you.)