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  • Lauren

    February 24, 2024 at 12:58 pm

    Know that you have all that you need within. And if you require external assistance, doors will open where once there were none, as I mentioned to you previously.

    I also agree with @becky-jayne that you need to raise your vibration but to do that requires that you take your power back from the fragmented part of you that is feeling victimized by these entities, the part of you that actually FEELS the way this unhealed aspect is treating you.

    This is a part of you that needs your love & attention…it is reflecting how you truly, deeply feel about yourself in some regard. (as within, so without) You must reclaim this part of you that splintered off from trauma…very likely an inner child wound…and Love yourself back together again so you are whole and complete.

    I understand that this part of you has been repressed so deeply that you may not have a cognizant recollection of the inception wound and that your memory is clouded by escapism due to an unwillingness to face your feelings which manifests as mental diversion. So the recommendation is to first do some soul-searching to locate the source of this wound via patterning throughout your life and then to work with the tool I am providing you without rerouting and/or resorting to escapism tactics. Once you locate the source, or the earliest memory of the trauma (soul fracturing), you need to collapse/zero out/rewrite the timeline.

    To do this, call in a higher power, surround yourself in golden light, bring your consciousness back in time to the inception point (or earliest memory) of whatever trauma has caused your soul to fragment, and provide yourself with all the love/protection/validation/acknowledgment you needed in that moment but didn’t receive at the time. Support and nurture yourself (inner child) to safely face & feel any unfelt feelings and then bring yourself back to the present moment affirming that you are resolved of this trauma, whole & complete. Then spend each day reinforcing that reality until you feel whole & complete.

    The words coming thru with this are “Be your own Mother.”