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  • Dianna

    February 24, 2024 at 1:56 pm

    Hi. 1st of all, I discovered it wasn’t my monad. It was a negative entity posing as my monad. When I confronted it and commanded it leave, it left me alone. Since then, things have been better, and I somewhat happier.

    2nd, I still don’t know why entities/energies are entering my body. I deal with them everyday. I don’t know if ya’ll have met the “buzzers” yet, but even though they are quite uncomfortable when they enter my body, they are being used as a tool to help me bust through my walls, and remember some thing about myself. I haven’t come to terms about all that yet, but it feels like it’s something I’m suppose to be going through. I don’t know.. One thing for sure, I’ve met alot of different energies. I bless them, then release them. I’m hoping and praying my next life doesn’t allow such things to happen to me anymore. Thank you, to all of you, I’ve been alone so long, this community is beginning to feel like a family. Blessings!🥰