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  • Susan

    February 25, 2024 at 11:17 am


    Here are some decree’s I was given directly to use.

    I will put them below.

    May they be of service to you.

    I may also suggest that you consider that you have “massive back doors” open that allow these unwelcome energies into your field. Anything you choose to engage with, be it reading about lower energies etc, any distorted false teachings, any beliefs that we have no control and must suffer through our process etc, open “back doors” that must be shut.

    Watch even where you go physically, what you watch on screens, all of it, until you feel you are back in your body.

    I had to practice, focus, and recognize when I said or engaged in ANYTHING that was not empowering or based in love. It will open back doors immediately .

    And yes yes yes to major trauma that kept me out of my body my whole life. Just like Lauren mentioned.

    I learned about this and making commands out loud.

    “I close all back doors, right here, right now and permanently lock them” Use a visual that suits you , and snap fingers or clap hands, whatever feels lite to you.

    Keep at it!

    Directly I have been given

    “My body is my home, my body is my temple” I take command of my body and my mind” right here right now. This began to change everything.

    “I am unstoppable”

    (haha -that came in the day before Lauren posted about that song!)

    See a “cloud” of brilliant light above your head that is your soul pouring into your body inch by inch filling your own light into your body. Feeeel it.

    Stream it in down to your feet and Anchor that into Gaia.

    Over and over as needed .

    There are so many other statements/decree’s of self empowerment that you can use. Keep it simple and only use it if it feels 100 percent true Ian’s empowering in your body.

    You may want to cease all attention that has been given to your prior experiences and know that you have completed that, allowing the new, clean, clear Dianna begin to light up.

    But claiming your body is critical.