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  • Nan

    April 13, 2024 at 4:59 pm

    HI Dianna,

    I’m wondering how you’re doing these days. I noticed your discussion was going on at the end of February.

    I have been doing a specific program called Compassion Key, along with Susan’s suggestion of noticing every habit that opens a door for lower energies to come in. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to do a simple compassion key session(s) with you for free, since I’m in training to offer these sessions to others and need to get the experience.

    As I said, it’s very simple and will ground you in your body while connecting you to your Highest Self ie help you to embody Your Future Highest Self.

    We could connect via Messenger if you’re on FB or through Zoom. Because I need lots of practice, the session could last as long as an 1.5 hours.

    Please know this is just me reaching out and offering, it’s not something you have to say yes to if it doesn’t resonate.

    I recently did a very deep session with a Compassion Key partner where I cleared a dark energy that was attached to me. It felt like it was from eons ago and on high level stargate, as Lauren mentioned today, and I’d been carrying it all this time.

    Any way, I just thought I’d offer. I’m on Pacific Standard time if you are interested.

    Okay, much love,