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  • Pieter-Geert

    May 12, 2024 at 3:27 pm

    Hi Michael.

    I also had serious heart and (high) blood pressure complaints (then aged almost 71) in the period from February to July 2022. On the one hand, there was a heart rhythm disorder that had far-reaching after-effects, including that blood pressure was often extremely high. At the time I was forced to consult the cardiologist. He prescribed me pills to get the heart rhythm back in line and normalize the blood pressure. Completely contrary to the cardiologist’s expectations, after about 4 – 5 months I hardly had any complaints anymore and I was able to quickly reduce the medication.

    These words provide a certain introduction to my reflection on the event that follows.

    The main point of that reflection is that we sometimes go through deep energetic changes that deeply affect the physical (neuro) system and can lead to significant disruption of the neurosystem and thus the functioning of the heart and other neuro-physical aspects of the body such as blood pressure. . What I still remember about the sudden cardiac arrhythmia (which the cardiologist said is often caused by the shock of a sudden loud noise or something similar!!) is that I experienced it to a high degree in the evenings and nights preceding this incident. that the feminine and masculine (god) currents through my body were extremely active and that it felt like there was a transition. Call it a union of these forces. Retrospectively, I now say that that event was a true shift for the physical neurosystem and completely disrupted everything internally. Logically I think in hindsight. The body is suddenly confronted with a completely new control method and is ‘shocked’ by it.

    I soon noticed that both the GP and the cardiologist had and have no idea what could be going on on a spiritual-energetic level and how that affects. For me personally, the developments were quite disruptive, especially because the cardiologist initially told me that I would have to take pills for the rest of my life. Well, none of that. In mid-2022 I quickly reduced the medication (the cardiologist suddenly became receptive to it) and since then I have not taken any pills and all my bio-functions have normalized! Age: 73 years.

    It is true that I have experienced my body differently since then. Something that took a lot of getting used to. It often feels like my whole body feels like I feel the nadis active very regularly throughout my body, especially my legs and feet. This is especially noticeable when the solar flares are active. There is more to say about that, but it is a bit beyond the scope of my story.

    It is difficult for me to assess your situation, but I have tried to put some experiences on paper in the hope that they will be useful to you. It may be useful to consider for yourself which (bio)energetic experiences you had before your complaints arose. Were there any sudden shifts? What I also want to tell you in relation to the medical circuit. The use of specialist help is sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, we also try to follow our own course and offer counterplay where necessary, even though the margins are sometimes thin. I wish you healing and strength. At the time, I experienced it as a lonely road (because there was hardly any sounding board, given the processes we were going through.