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  • pj

    May 12, 2024 at 9:32 pm

    Hi Michael,

    I have both of these, I have high blood pressure for years, anytime I get a test it’s high, I’ve only had a few over the years, not near as many nose bleeds now and minor if any,

    The sleep apnea concerns me at times and is very uncomfortable when I have dreams where I’m asking people in distress to get me to a hospital, or I’m suffocating somewhere before I wake and have often ran to the front door for air, a specialist interviewed me but as my weight was good andvI measured up alright physically they didn’t seem interested. I didn’t tell the truth about how sleepy I can be during the day because of the symptoms we’re all going through here.

    I drink quite a lot of water and find it better if I don’t eat too soon before bed, bananas and other foods likeva curry make it more difficult to catch my breath. I go to the gym quite often, feck all else I can do.

    I started on statins a couple of years ago as my cholesterol wasn’t great, both my parents had/have dementia, the doctor put me on a low one 5mg, she showed me a physical replica of blocked arteries so which can cause dementia etc, because of our symptoms I can’t tell her the truth about my brain fog, unable to pronounce words some days etc. I often think about coming off of the statin and might soon or when the body tells me.

    I try not to even think about it, not much I can do on them except mind the diet (a bit anyway) and exercise which can feel impossible sometimes still do.a bit though, drink water surrender when I can.

    Something else showed up on blood test too.