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  • Lauren

    July 7, 2024 at 3:43 pm

    In my mind, Princess Dianna embodied the Divine Feminine principle…the Source of which is why she had such a remarkable hold on the public…and like many sovereign female storylines was misunderstood, betrayed, publically persecuted, barred from embodying her power, hunted & eventually killed as if she was playing out a modern-day Greek Goddess tragedy.

    I just wondered if anyone could help me understand this deep grief that is still releasing specifically associated with her life and death.

    Likely a reflection of your own Divine Feminine healing & reclamation as we are swimming in the sensitive waters of Cancer Season which will be very cleansing this year. From the latest report:

    And to help us honor that, nurture that…to allow our Creatrix power to stand on its own…the new moon is making a harmonious grand trine to Saturn retrograde in Pisces which offers an extra stabilizing Force around what we’ve always Known was True for us but that perhaps we didn’t feel was “enough”. Until now. This could potentially be a very emoceanal, healing lunar cycle for us all…but specifically for my brothers & sisters of the Rose who held these hidden Holy Grail contracts for lifetimes.